OHB Italia SpA provides the user community with solutions to lower the cost of first class science and application missions by:

  • Exploiting the full potential of small and medium size satellites.
  • Exploiting new orbital and transportation systems.
  • Exploiting advanced technologies that are turned into high performance products for space applications.

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Solar Orbiter was launched with on-board OHB Italia METIS instrument! - February 2020

Solar Orbiter, the new ESA Sun Explorer, developed in collaboration with NASA, was launched from Cape Canaveral (Florida, USA) on February 10 at 05.03 CET.
Solar Orbiter will be the first mission to operate in extreme environment up to 500C°, providing images of the poles of the Sun at high latitude and to study magnetic fields, solar wind and space weather, combining in situ and remote sensing observations. The spacecraft will take two years to reach the Sun: 42 Million kilometers at its closest approach, less than Mercury’s distance.
To unlock the secrets of our life-giving Star, to investigate how it works and to reveal the Sun-Earth connections, Solar Orbiter is equipped with ten cutting edge technological instruments. One of these is the coronagraph METIS (Multi Element Telescope for Imaging and Spectroscopy) realized by OHB Italia SpA. It will observe the structure and the dynamics of the full corona, the Sun’s outer atmosphere, with unprecedented temporal coverage and spatial resolution. This region is crucial to better understand the solar atmospheric phenomena and their evolution in the inner heliosphere. METIS will employ broad-band, polarized and narrow-band imaging technology for screening the solar corona: a unique capability combining three different wavelength bands by means of a single telescope.

Admiral Carlo Massagli (Military Advisor to the President of the Council) visited OHB Italia premises on 12th July 2019

On Friday 12th July, OHB Italia SpA received the institutional visit of Admiral Carlo Massagli, Military Advisor to the Italian Prime Minister. The Admiral was briefed on the ongoing programs and on the future business opportunities for the company and was especially interested on the Flyeye Telescope which, in a few years, will be able to discover and track asteroids running towards the Earth and dangerous debris orbiting around the Planet.

FLYEYE Media Event – 11th July 2019 – Press Conference

The Flyeye Telescope is an innovative optical instrument, mimicking the complex structure of a fly’s compound eye. The application of Flyeye will permit to implement an innovative wide survey Earth protection service, for detection of threatening asteroids dangerous for Earth.
ESA’s Flyeye Telescope, the first of its kind, has reached an important milestone: it is now largely assembled, including the astronomic camera (definitive assembly at factory expected for mid 2020).
The Telescope will be located in Sicily (Italy), close to the top of Mufara Mountain - 1865m (site observation infrastructure will be ready in 2021). Once operative, it will automatically bring newly detected objects to the attention of ESA experts at the Near-Earth Object Coordination Centre (NEOCC).
Media were invited on behalf of ESA and ASI to OHB Italia SpA in Turate (CO) on 11th July 2019, to discover how this world-class technology is coming to life and the role it will play in the international planetary defence system. We had speakers working across ESA’s Space Safety Activities, as well as experts from ASI and OHB Italia SpA.

OHB Italia at Le Bourget – Paris Air Show 17th – 23rd June 2019

OHB Italia attended from 17th to 23rd June the International Paris Air Show 2019 (Hall 2C, Booth C 318).

Angelo Vallerani confirmed as President of the Lombardia Aerospace Cluster - May 2019

The Directive Board of the Lombardia Aerospace Cluster has re-elected as President Angelo Vallerani (CHIEF of institutional Relations of OHB Italy), for the upcoming three years (2019-2021). The responsibility of the role is strategic, as the Aerospace sector in Lombardia accounts for one third of the whole national export, with revenues of 5 billion euros. His role, in continuity with the past mandate is to foster a stronger relationship between SME and big companies and to thrust the internalization process and competitive reinforcement of small and medium local enterprises.

PRISMA Satellite succesfully launched – March 21st, 2019

Starting last night, PRISMA satellite has begun its mission orbiting Earth. Its hyperspectral eyes will soon observe and acquire new images of Earth giving insight into its natural resources. Using the VEGA launcher, it took off from the European base of Kourou in French Guyana at 2.50 am GMT+1.
PRISMA is a program funded by ASI and represents a global excellence, which highlights the capabilities of Italy to provide a “turn-key” space system, from planning to implementation, from launching to ground data management. PRISMA was developed by a Temporary Joint Venture of companies, led by OHB Italy, responsible for the mission and management of the three main segments (land, flight and launch), and Leonardo, which built the electro-optical instrumentation.
Mr. Aceti, Managing Director at OHB Italia, said “Thanks to the intense activity of our team, PRISMA finally reaches its orbit from where it will provide innovative data that will revolutionize the very concept of services from space for the benefit of institutions and citizens.”

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PRISMA: new launch date planned on March 21st, 2019

The launch of the Italian Space Agency (ASI) mission PRISMA (Hyperspectral Precursor and Application Mission) has been postponed a few days due to further verifications. The new date for the launch of the PRISMA satellite from the European spaceport of Kourou in French Guiana is now targeted to the night between 21 and 22 March, at 22.50 (Kourou time) aboard a VEGA rocket.
The Italian Space Agency satellite will observe the Earth using a hyperspectral optical sensor, which can open up new scenarios for the control of the environmental processes of our planet.

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