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January, 19thth 2021 - Angelo Vallerani on Aipress Magazine to talk about the future Space opportunities as Lombardy Cluster President

Angelo Vallerani, President of Lombardy Space Cluster and Institutional Relations’ Manager at OHB Italia SpA, is present on January Aipress Magazine to discuss about the most important opportunities in space field in the near future. Moon is key word at the moment. And OHB Italia is ready to take up this challenge. Thanks to ISRU project, developed together with Politecnico di Milano and funded by ASI and ESA, they are now available to extract water from lunar regolyth. Let’s say: the future is now.

Press Release

January, 11thth 2021 - OHB Italia and Thales Alenia Space Italy sign contract for Copernicus Imaging Microwave Radiometer

OHB Italia has signed an important contract with Thales Alenia Space, Joint Venture between Thales (67%) and Leonardo (33 %), for CIMR - Copernicus Imaging Microwave Radiometer - an Earth Observation programme co-funded by ESA and EU member states in the frame of the ‘High Priority Copernicus Missions’. ASI – Italian Space Agency – played a key role in financing the CIMR mission during the last ministerial Conference held in Seville last November 2019. OHB Italia will be responsible, as subcontractor of Thales Alenia Space Italy, for the development and production of the CIMR instrument in relation to the two satellites. Thales Alenia Space Italy will contribute to the radiometric aspects of the instrument. The CIMR instrument is a conical scan multi-frequency microwave radiometer featuring multi-beam architecture, the largest antenna of its kind, state-of-the-art advanced radio-frequency interference detection and blanking techniques. It will ensure global daily coverage with 6 hourly-revisit in Arctic areas, for high-spatial resolution observations of sea-surface temperature, sea-ice concentration, sea-surface salinity and a wide range of other sea-ice parameters, providing a fundamental contribution to climatology and environmental sustainability. The overall value of the contract is 177,5 Million Euro. Roberto Aceti, CEO of OHB Italia, declared: “The CIMR contract signature confirms the leadership of OHB Italia in the area of microwave radiometer imagers, which are a strategic European asset for sea-ice environment monitoring”.

December, 9thth 2020 - Interview to Angelo Vallerani, Institutional Relations’ Manager at OHB Italia and President of Lombardy Aerospace District

““Italy's aeronautics industry is fourth in Europe and seventh in the world. Lombardy leads the way: with over 16 billion in turnover, the region accounts for one third of Italian exports.” – stated Angelo Vallerani during the interview to Industria Italiana Magazine on the future development of Aerospace Lombardy Cluster, one of the most important in the Italian economy. He took the opportunity also to give an important update on OHB Italia future scenario – “Thales Alenia Space Italia has been awarded contracts by the European Space Agency (ESA) for the development of two new satellite missions (CIMR and Chime), part of the Copernicus Earth Observation programme and OHB italia, thanks to its long experience and its high performance, will be responsible for development and implementation of an instrument on the two CIMR satellites: a microwave radiometer equipped with the largest antenna of its kind. Recently OHB Italia is also prime contractor for another important fast-track ESA mission: Comet Interceptor, which will give the unique possibility to study a pristine comet never passed through the inner solar system and to discover important traces of the beginning of the universe.” It shows as OHB Italia is more and more involved in the European Space programs, overcoming national boundaries

November, 13th 2020 – OHB Italia to be part of the industrial consortium implementing the Copernicus Imaging Microwave Radiometer mission

OHB Italia, a subsidiary of the European technology and space group OHB SE, announced to be part of the industrial consortium implementing the Copernicus Imaging Microwave Radiometer mission (CIMR). Thales Alenia Space, a joint venture between Thales (67%) and Leonardo (33 %), is serving as prime contractor for the CIMR mission and leading the industrial consortium. The CIMR mission is part of the Copernicus Earth Observation program co-funded by ESA and EU member states. The Italian Space Agency ASI played a key role in financing the CIMR mission during the last Ministerial Conference held in Seville last November 2019. CIMR responds to high-priority requirements from key Arctic user communities. The mission will provide observations of sea-surface temperature, sea-ice concentration and sea-surface salinity. Uniquely, it would also observe a wide range of other sea-ice parameters. OHB Italia will be responsible for the development and production of the instrument for the two CIMR satellites as subcontractor of Thales Alenia Space Italy. The CIMR instrument is a conical scan multi-frequency microwave radiometer featuring multi-beam architecture, the largest antenna of its kind, state-of-the-art advanced radio-frequency interference detection and blanking techniques. It will provide global daily coverage with a 6-hour revisit time in Arctic areas for observations of a wide range of sea ice parameters with high spatial resolution, thus making a fundamental contribution to climatology and ecological sustainability. The contract between OHB and Thales Alenia Space is expected to be signed in the upcoming weeks.

November, 6th 2020 – Congrats from ASI to OHB Italia for the awarding of Comet Interceptor Contract

ASI formally congratulated OHB Italia on the signature of Comet Interceptor contract last 5th November. The ESA mission will visit a truly pristine object on its first encounter with the inner solar system. OHB Italia’s responsibilities, as prime contractor, are the mission analysis, system engineering, procurement, integration, testing and other important tasks. The contract for the definition phase has a value of EUR 2.5 Million and lasts two years. An implementation phase will follow in 2023 to guarantee the nominal launch of Comet Interceptor in 2028, together with ESA's ARIEL mission. “Comet Interceptor is an exciting and challenging mission that will offer new insights into the evolution of comets. OHB Italia is proud of working with ESA towards the success of this program” stated Roberto Aceti, CEO of OHB Italia.

October, 28th 2020 – OHB Italia among the Italian "Realtà Eccellenti" in space market on Il Sole 24 ore

OHB Italia was listed on Il Sole 24 Ore among the main Italian space companies. The special edition focused on the most important “Realtà eccellenti” in space/aerospace market.

October, 15th 2020 – OHB Italia received the visit of the first Advisor to the Luxembourg Minister of Defence

Ms. Nina Garcia, First Advisor to the Minister of Defence at Luxembourg Defence Department and Mr. Geoffroy Beaudot, Head of Space and Cyber at Luxembourg Foreign and European Affairs Ministry, visited OHB Italia facilities in Milan and Turate. Our company received many appreciations on NAOS program developments and on other products and technologies like the innovative Flyeye telescope.

October, 9th 2020 – Roberto Aceti, CEO of OHB Italia, in Caserta to discuss on the future of national geopolitical scenario

CEO of OHB Italia, Ing. R. Aceti, took part on 9th October in Caserta to the strategic national conference on Space “The Universe Game- Dalla Geopolitica all’Astropolitik”, organized by the Atlantic Club of Naples, by the University of Campania L. Vanvitelli and by CIRA (Centro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali). Very prestigious speakers from industry, university, military forces discussed on the future developments of our national geopolitical scenario.

October, 6th 2020 – Milestone successfully reached: Launch Locking Devices (LLDs) of MicroWave Imager (MWI) Flight Models ready to be delivered

OHB Italia reached another important milestone: ready the MWI LLDs that will fly on the MetOp-SG. They are 4 not standard Launch Locking Devices, the main structural load path for the Instrument Rotating Part (IRP) in locked configuration; The instrument mass to be locked is at launch 160 kg, LLDs will release the IRP on orbit when each of them receives an electrical signal.

September, 4th/5th 2020 – OHB Italia at GAL Hassin 2020

On 4th and 5th September 2020 at the GAL Hassin international Center for Astronomic Sciences in Isnello, near Palermo, OHB Italia met the eminent Nobel Price for Physics Michel Mayor. Telescopes BU Manager, Mr. Lorenzo Cibin, together with a well-known pool of physicists and astrophysicists took part to the annual conference on asteroids, comets and space debris, explaining latest developments of our innovative Flyeye telescope.

July, 1st 2020 – OHB System prime contractor for CO2M Mission. OHB Italia responsible for CIMR Payload

OHB System AG, a subsidiary of Bremen-based space and technology group OHB SE, has been selected by the European Space Agency ESA as prime contractor for the CO2M mission (CO2 Monitoring Mission in the Copernicus program). The order volume is more than EUR 800 million. This mission includes the Copernicus satellites, which are playing a key role in studying the causes of climate change and in monitoring it. OHB Italia will be responsible for the payload of CIMR: Copernicus Imaging Microwave Radiometer, as subcontractor of Thales Alenia Space.

May, 21th 2020 – PRISMA: 27.000 images available to community - The greatest milestone of OHB Italia

The PRISMA Satellite, developed by OHB Italia together with Leonardo, is successfully orbiting since March 2019 and starting from May, 21th 2020 all the 27.000 images collected during this year are now openly available. On this subject ASI has recently decided to open the PRISMA catalogue of images to the scientific, institutional, and industrial community, both in Italy and abroad. OHB Italia is pleased of such decision.
PRISMA is a unique project, one of a kind satellites, fully realized with Italian technology and know-how. It is capable of performing from space a chemical and physical analysis of the soil and atmosphere.
"The innovative data that PRISMA is generating will now stimulate new services from space for the benefit of institutions and citizens providing an outstanding contribution to our planet sustainability" - stated Roberto Aceti, Managing Director of OHB Italia.
ASI through its web portal https://prisma.asi.it ensures free access of all the 27.000 images to the whole users after a simple registration.

April, 10th 2020 – BepiColombo: Exploring Mercury with OHB Italia and ESA

On 10th April 2020 at 6.25a.m. (CEST), the BepiColombo spacecraft (launched on 20th October 2018 from Kourou in French Guyana) will approach the Earth at the distance of only 12,700 km. It will then swing-by the Earth and get a pull towards the inner Solar System, followed by a Venus swing-by on 15th October 2020. This is the last time to see the spacecraft from Earth, then it will head deeper into the inner Solar System.

OHB Italia is on board with two of BepiColombo 11 instruments: SERENA (Search for Exospheric Refilling and Emitted Natural Abundaces) with the target to analyse the composition, origin and dynamics of Mercury's exosphere and magnetosphere - ELENA (Emitted Low-Energy Neutral Atoms) a neutral particle camera that investigates neutral gases escaping from the surface of Mercury, their dynamics and the processes responsible for such a population.

The end of BepiColombo cruise phase will end on November 2025 after reaching Mercury planet.

March, 26th 2020 - Planetary Defence and the cutting-edge Flyeye telescope of OHB Italia on Focus News

On March, 26th, channel 35 ( Focus News ), at 21.15 CET the innovative Flyeye Telescope developed from OHB Italia for ESA/ASI was presented as one of the main players of the current planetary defence plan, during a documentary directed by the famous scientific journalist Luigi Bignami.

March, 24th 2020 - OHB ITALIA as Key Player for Fondoimpresa on IlSole24Ore.com

Fondoimpresa (Interprofessional Fund of Confindustria and Cgil, Cisl, Uil for life-long and continuing education) selected OHB Italia as one of the best practices in the field of innovation and internal training investment.

OHB Italia - as reported on the website ‘Ilsole24ore.com’- was able to maintain a leading position in the space market and a very-high level of qualified technical skills thanks also to 4.500 yearly hours of ad hoc training.

“Our primary objective - explained Raffaele Staffiere, head of human resources - is to equip our employees with specific know-how and the technical skills required by our work orders. For this reason, the training we offer is characterized by a very strong 'customization': the training courses are designed in a tailored way, suited for each specialist and therefore the selection of trainers is fundamental. This is how OHB Italia has become one of the Italian key players of important and cutting edge space missions.”

March, 04th 2020 - Bilateral meeting Italy – Luxembourg on Space with OHB Italia and NAOS Satellite as main performer

Italian Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, On. Fraccaro met today in Rome the Economy Minister of Luxembourg Mr. Fayot to discuss about space activities, technological innovation and security. During the institutional discussion was underlined the important role of OHB Italia in the relationship between the two countries thanks to the ongoing realization of NAOS satellite for the Government of the Grand Duchy, an Earth Observation mission with very high resolution imaging system and payload with panchromatic and multispectral camera.

Designed for governmental and military purposes, the satellite will provide global coverage, being able to capture more than one hundred images per day. By collecting the satellite’s data, Luxembourg intends to participate more actively in the Europe and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) defence efforts.

February, 28th 2020 - Solar Orbiter is on its way and METIS was successfully switched on. Proud moment for OHB Italia

On 28th February at 04.16pm, from Darmstadt in Germany (the ESA Control Center), the multi-wavelength coronagraph METIS developed by OHB Italia was successfully switched on.

Everything was fine and the instrument that will observe for the first time in human history the structure and the dynamics of the full corona, took the first in-flight VL (visible) and UV (ultraviolet) images. Then it was switched off on 07.25pm.

METIS now is 145.608.488 Km far from the Sun and 11.510.520 km far from our Planet.

Next step: on 13th March METIS will face the first light with the opening of the revolving door that now is covering the telescope. Another great milestone to achieve.

February, 10th 2020 - Solar Orbiter was launched with on-board coronagraph METIS realized by OHB Italia

Solar Orbiter, the new ESA Sun Explorer, developed in collaboration with NASA, was launched from Cape Canaveral (Florida, USA) on February 10th at 05.03 CET. Solar Orbiter will be the first mission to operate in extreme environment up to 500C°, providing images of the poles of the Sun at high latitude and to study magnetic fields, solar wind and space weather, combining in situ and remote sensing observations. The spacecraft will take two years to reach the Sun: 42 Million kilometres at its closest approach, less than Mercury’s distance. To unlock the secrets of our life-giving Star, to investigate how it works and to reveal the Sun-Earth connections, Solar Orbiter is equipped with ten cutting edge technological instruments. One of these is the coronagraph METIS (Multi Element Telescope for Imaging and Spectroscopy) realized by OHB Italia SpA. It will observe the structure and the dynamics of the full corona, the Sun’s outer atmosphere, with unprecedented temporal coverage and spatial resolution. This region is crucial to better understand the solar atmospheric phenomena and their evolution in the inner heliosphere. METIS will employ broad-band, polarized and narrow-band imaging technology for screening the solar corona: a unique capability combining three different wavelength bands by means of a single telescope.

October, 21st / 25th 2019 - OHB Italia in Washington D.C. (USA) at IAC (International Astronautical Congress)

OHB Italia was in Washington D.C to celebrate 70° Anniversary of IAC, one of the most important event in the space field. Leitmotive of this last edition was “SPACE: power to the past, promise for the future”.

October, 10th /11th 2019 - OHB Italia as one of the main player on ISRU project in Luxembourg with ESA

OHB Italia is deeply involved on the ISRU (In Situ Resources Utilization) project to develop the utilization of lunar resources directly on-site. A reactor is under construction by OHB Italia premises to transform regolyth (lunar sand) in oxygen. OHB Italia was hence one of the main players in Luxembourg during the Space Resources week and ISRU workshop organized from ESA and Luxembourg Space Agency in order to identify next steps needed to realise the first space resource utilisation, in support of human presence at the Moon.

September, 17th 2019 - OHB Italia in Luxembourg at MUDAM to celebrate Leonardo Da Vinci

OHB Italia together with the Embassy of Italy took part in Luxembourg to the event dedicated to Leonardo Da Vinci and the Italian Innovators at Mudam (Contemporary Art Museum). Researchers, scientists, industries discussed on innovation and future opportunities in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

July, 12th 2019 - Admiral Carlo Massagli (Military Advisor to the President of the Council) visited OHB Italia premises

On Friday 12th July, OHB Italia SpA received the institutional visit of Admiral Carlo Massagli, Military Advisor to the Italian Prime Minister. The Admiral was informed on the ongoing programs and on the future business opportunities for the company. He was especially interested on the Flyeye Telescope which, in a few years, will be able to discover and track asteroids running towards the Earth and dangerous debris orbiting around the Planet.

July, 11th 2019 - Flyeye Media Event. Press Conference to introduce the innovative FOV Telescope

The Flyeye Telescope is an innovative optical instrument, mimicking the complex structure of a fly’s compound eye. The application of Flyeye will permit to implement an innovative wide survey Earth protection service, for detection of threatening asteroids dangerous for Earth.
ESA’s Flyeye Telescope, the first of its kind, has reached an important milestone: it is now largely assembled, including the astronomic camera (definitive assembly at factory expected for mid 2020).
The Telescope will be located in Sicily (Italy), close to the top of Mufara Mountain - 1865m (site observation infrastructure will be ready in 2021). Once operative, it will automatically bring newly detected objects to the attention of ESA experts at the Near-Earth Object Coordination Centre (NEOCC).
Media were invited on behalf of ESA and ASI to OHB Italia SpA in Turate (CO) on 11th July 2019, to discover how this world-class technology is coming to life and the role it will play in the international planetary defence system. We had speakers working across ESA’s Space Safety Activities, as well as experts from ASI and OHB Italia SpA.

June, 17th/ 23rd 2019 - OHB Italia at Le Bourget Paris Air Show

OHB Italia attended from 17th to 23rd June the International Paris Air Show 2019 (Hall 2C, Booth C 318).

May, 2019 - Angelo Vallerani confirmed as President of the Lombardia Aerospace Cluster

The Directive Board of the Lombardia Aerospace Cluster has re-elected as President Angelo Vallerani (CHIEF of institutional Relations of OHB Italy), for the upcoming three years (2019-2021). The responsibility of the role is strategic, as the Aerospace sector in Lombardia accounts for one third of the whole national export, with revenues of 5 billion euros. His role, in continuity with the past mandate is to foster a stronger relationship between SME and big companies and to thrust the internalization process and competitive reinforcement of small and medium local enterprises.

March, 21st 2019 - PRISMA Satellite successfully launched

Starting last night, PRISMA satellite has begun its mission orbiting Earth. Its hyperspectral eyes will soon observe and acquire new images of Earth giving insight into its natural resources. Using the VEGA launcher, it took off from the European base of Kourou in French Guyana at 2.50 am GMT+1.
PRISMA is a program funded by ASI and represents a global excellence, which highlights the capabilities of Italy to provide a “turn-key” space system, from planning to implementation, from launching to ground data management. PRISMA was developed by a Temporary Joint Venture of companies, led by OHB Italy, responsible for the mission and management of the three main segments (land, flight and launch), and Leonardo, which built the electro-optical instrumentation.
Mr. Aceti, Managing Director at OHB Italia, said “Thanks to the intense activity of our team, PRISMA finally reaches its orbit from where it will provide innovative data that will revolutionize the very concept of services from space for the benefit of institutions and citizens.”

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